Why am I Heading to Spiffy?

One day I realized that I was overwhelming myself with my lists of things to do/learn/start/try/change, and under-enjoying the ride. Trying to do it all, and do it well, (ok…trying for really, really well) was not going to work. I finally decided that just heading toward those things was good enough. Off the path? Get back on. I might not reach perfection but, I could reach for Spiffy. If I do a project, I don’t need it to be “perfect” if its heading to spiffy, that’s great. I might not have a perfectly awesome website now but its much spiffier than none at all. I’m heading 2 Spiffy, what about you?

Definition of spiffy
very good, excellent; COOL. “That’s spiffy!”
good, well. “Are you doing spiffy?”


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